AK GeoEnergy providing Alaskans with safe, renewable, reliable, cost effective, (GSHP) Ground Source Heat Pumps for heating Homes and Businesses in Alaska.

Earth Loop System

Earth Loop System - engineered for efficiency and flexibility

The earth loops are like arteries in a human body. The loops are connected to the heat pump to circulate refrigerant and directly exchange thermal energy with the earth. EarthLinked DX ground loops have the smallest size and smallest footprint in the market. They have the highest temperature differential with the earth, which means they can use the least amount of earth contact to work effectively. The loops can be installed in three different configurations—horizontal, vertical or diagonal—for maximum design flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

While there are several types of systems in the market ( air source, water source and direct exchange) we have chosen to use the (DX) Direct Exchange system because of its high efficiency and low cost of operation, while releasing no carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Earthlinked GSHP’s are suitable for both new construction and retrofit projects.  With many new homes now adopting hydronic radiant flooring heating systems, the Earthlinked DX GSHP is perfectly suited to provide the water temperatures needed to heat, at a cost up to 60% less than conventional methods.  Forced air heating can also be provided using air handlers which function in the same way as oil or propane fired forced air furnaces while producing the same rate of savings as the hydronic system. In addition to heating the home, the heat pump can be designed to meet your domestic hot water needs as well.

There are many factors that play into the costs and design of a GSHP heating system.

  • Heating requirement of home (BTUs required)
  • Type of heating system desired (radiant vs forced air, etc)
  • New Construction vs Retrofit
  • What type of yard you have for the outdoor heat exchange area (field or trench system vs well system).
  • Just Heating vs Heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) heating

These items can be determined through an energy audit and field examination of home or business.

To help with the installation costs there are many types of State and Federal taxes credit and rebates available to help the Home/Business owner installing a new GSHP system.